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Helipad tennis court

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Happy National Masturbation Month, e'erybody!

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Lone wolf don't need no date anyway

The New Skoda Octavia

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Dick Clark - 2013 New Year's Eve

Guys, be sure to check your pictures before posting to your Facebook albums. Can't blame the dude.

Emma Watson in Paint - Step by step http://bit.ly/IdW57W

Evolution is a bitch

Shuri Castle - Okinawa, Japan - Panorama

In a society that has destroyed all adventure, the only adventure is to destroy that society.

and then I said...

How's that faith working out for ya?

Double wedgie

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After 100 years from now, Facebook will have 500 million accounts of DEAD people.


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Neat Nature Facts: Imagine if we took every elephant in the world and laid them end to end into space... Did you know that all the elephants would die?

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