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Sweat does the body good

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Dolce Gabbana Yoga Pants

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Yoga pants: great for the office


Yes. These are nice.

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Yoga pants are the wonderbra of pants

Three times the yoga pants

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Stretches are very important

Blonde and yoga pants

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Making cookies calls for yoga pants

Let me demonstrate for you

Hottest yoga instructor

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Wow, umm. Doesn't leave much to the imagination. That's the point.

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Those look comfy!

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Flexible yoga pants shot

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My favorite one yet

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Okay.. now we're going to need some windex. Damn girls in yoga pants always smudging the mirror.

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Jailbait yoga?

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I'm more interested that Albert Einstein managed to time travel to witness this incredible pole balancing act.

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Those look more leather pantsy, but we'll take it.

Well, yeah.. that's one way to get our attention.

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