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Monday April 16th, 2012 - Aron Ralston

  • Titerest: In April 2003 climber Aron Ralston entered Utah's Bluejohn Canyon only to become trapped when an 800-pound (360-kilogram) boulder shifted, crushed his hand, and pinned him to the canyon wall. For six days, Ralston struggled to free himself while warding off dehydration and hypothermia.

  • Titerest: Facing certain death, Ralston chose a final option that makes him @Titerest's Badass of the Day: the climber amputated his right hand and rappelled to freedom.

  • Titerest: After the accident, Ralston became an international sensation, appearing in the British film 127 Hours (http://bit.ly/HNUuHb) and releasing his own account Between A Rock And A Hard Place (http://bit.ly/IRYAx4).

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